About Us


We are grown in a culture of vibrancy in every aspect of life. Food has been an integral part of our brought-up. Every meal of the day is like a festive celebration in itself. Considering the fondness of Indian cuisines and with an aim to stir-up your taste in Indian spices and curries, we have conceptualized a fine-dining Indian Restaurant – Urban Tandoor.


Established by two serial entrepreneurs and foodies, Kanwal Singh and Raymond Sandhu have backgrounds in retail.

Urban Tandoor is a fine-dine Indian restaurant that draws inspiration from the lavish, elaborate and authentic way of Indian dining served with the customary warm hospitality. Our chef-in-chief has designed a traditional yet tantalizing range of Indian cuisines for the metropolitan city. Our conventional styled ‘tandoor’ is our core strength which requires special skill to operate and provides you with that authentic aroma & taste (some may get nostalgic).

The vibrant Indian décor and its complimenting ambiance shall bring curiosity in each one of you. Every dish on the menu is crafted to give you the genuine taste of Indian food cooked with the freshest of ingredients as made in Indian homes.




Our chefs are well-trained at some of the most well-known hospitality institutes and have a depth of knowledge in the diverse Indian culinary art. While maintaining the authentic Indian style of cooking maintaining traditional recipes, they know how to moderate dishes for an international guest lineup.
It is our true love for Indian food that spurs us to use the best range of Indian grown spices and condiments that give our dishes that very special taste and flavor. Some of the spices and other raw ingredients ‘khade masale’ are sourced from India and are preserved here to bring the originality in your dish.

We promise our guests a memorable and matchless experience on any occasion, be it for the everyday healthy lunch or the light evening snacks or the special full course dinner. From a light-hearted feel-good Indian experience to the full-blown hospitality served on the platter, we have it all for you!

Fresh, fragrant and affordable, we have an assortment of Indian menu for different tastes and a range of occasions.



Dev Mehta is the head chef at Urban Tandoor. With over 15 years of experience in the culinary industry, he has developed a unique style of cooking that combines traditional Indian flavors with a modern twist.

He prides himself on using only the freshest ingredients and emphasizes the importance of quality and flavor. He has an eye for detail and enjoys creating memorable experiences for his guests.”


Kanwal Jhand


Raymond Sandhu

Head Chef

Dev Mehta