Our Food Philosophy



For The Eyes

Urban Tandoor presents its guests with a dramatic assortment of dishes from the huge repertoire of Indian culinary styles for a true feast for the eyes. Curated with care and crafted with precision, the vibrant dishes preserve the goodness of each ingredients used.



That Draws On The Mind

Enjoy the fragrance of each dish served at the Urban Tandoor casting a magical spell on the olfactory bulbs of your Limbic System! Delicate yet intoxicating, the blend of aromatic herbs and freshly made spices add that special blend to our appetizing dishes.



Taste To Tantalize The Buds

The delectable taste of the food made in our kitchen stems from the use of freshly chopped ingredients garnished with authentic spices. Our chefs make each dish from scratch as in Indian homes letting you enjoy their true goodness.



Feel Of The Food Texture

The rich and varying texture of Indian food makes it special to those savoring them every day. The freshly hand-baked breads lets you to feel their warm and rich texture as you tear them to bite into the soft pieces.



Sound That Clings To The Ears

The soft sound of the brushing of the handis and kadhais with steaming hot rice and piping hot curries along with the sizzling of the kebabs add drama to your dining experience. Fill your senses as you indulge in them shamelessly!
Pamper your tastes at the Urban Tandoor!!!

The Secret Of Success In Life Is To Eat What You Like And Let The Food Fight It Out Inside...