Types of Parathas: They Will Surely Make You Crave For More

When it comes to Indian breakfast or lunch, there is nothing like steaming hot homemade flaky and soft parathas served on the table. Parathas taste delectable with chicken, mutton, and paneer recipes and take food lovers on cloud nine.

They also taste best when accompanied with raita, dal makhani, curd, butter, and pickle. The best thing about the flatbreads is that you don’t need to be an expert to prepare them. We have put together the list of different types of parathas that you can relish at home and restaurants.

Different Types of Paratha

Aloo paratha

A timeless classic, the popular and delicious dish can be taken as a breakfast or tiffin box snack. According to the recipe, unleavened whole wheat flatbread is stuffed with spiced potato.

It is prepared with a handful of ingredients such as potato, wheat flour, butter, green chilies, Kashmiri red chili powder, chopped cilantro, and garam masala powder. To relish mouth-watering aloo paratha, visit the best restaurant in Colorado Springs.

Gobi paratha

The popularity of gobi paratha is evident from the fact that North Indians like to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Later South Indians borrowed the recipe from them and integrated into their meal menu.

In this recipe, flatbread is stuffed with soft and appetizing cauliflower flavored with onions and green chilies. To add a tangy flavor to it, you can add amchur or chaat masala. It tastes amazing especially when served with curd or pickle.

Methi paratha

If you are a fitness freak and health is at the top of your priority, then methi paratha is the best option. It is a whole wheat flatbread that is filled with flavorful fenugreek leaves. Serve it with curry and it will simply taste excellent.

Cheese paratha

Bored with the usual parathas served at home? Are you looking for a special weekend treat for the guests? Here is a paratha recipe with a twist that you will surely savor. That’s right its cheese paratha.

It is basically a wheat flatbread with a filling of processed cheese cubes, wheat flour, garlic, green chilies, and red chili powder. Good enough to leave you to crave for more.

Spinach paratha

If you are looking to add healthy leafy greens to your breakfast, then don’t look beyond spinach paratha. The delectable and nutritious Indian flatbread is prepared of slightly spiced whole wheat flour blended with pureed spinach.

Taste and health surely go hand in hand in this recipe. To savor spinach paratha, step into the best restaurant in Colorado Springs.

Mushroom paratha

One recipe that every foodie will rave about is mushroom paratha. Mushroom is mainly used in Continental delicacies but it has slowly found its way in Indian food. In this recipe, Indian flatbread is filled with mushroom and spices.

Garlic paratha

With several health benefits, garlic can surely spice up any meal. The North Indian specialty is a popular culinary delight and can be relished for any meal during the day.

Egg paratha

Are you an eggetarian and want to have eggs and parathas simultaneously in one dish? Egg paratha is the perfect recipe to get started with. In this soft and mouth-watering snack recipe, Indian flatbread is fried in a batter of whisked eggs and onions.

Keema paratha

Want to give a makeover to the parathas you make at home? Are you looking to surprise your kids with an innovative snack preparation this weekend? Add a chicken or mutton keema as per your choice in your paratha and relish a superb recipe.

Dry fruit paratha

This is certainly exotic and regal. Dry fruit paratha is made of Indian flatbread with a stuffing of grinded dry fruits. Cashews, almonds, and pistachios are used as dry fruits.

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