Looking to Make Good Home Cooked Meals? Try these

Are you looking to add a novelty factor on the menu in the casual get-together that you are hosting tonight? Are you looking to prepare something mouthwatering today for lunch or dinner but wondering what to make?

If your answer is yes and you are running short of ideas, then we have put together a list of good home cooked meals into starters, main courses, side dishes, and desserts.

Try these good home cooked meals





Pakora is a popular Indian starter that is battered and deep-fried. The fried snack has its origin in India and is sold by street vendors as well as served in restaurants. If you are a vegan choose potato, eggplant, tomato, cauliflower, and paneer. You can also make it with fish or chicken if you are a non-vegetarian.




Samosa is a sought-after appetizer and considered an Indian version of empanadas. It is a flaky pastry stuffed with veggies, potatoes, and sometimes cauliflower. It is then folded into a triangular pyramid or tetrahedron shape, deep-fried and served with chutneys. You can easily prepare samosa at your home or visit the top Best restaurant in Colorado Springs to savor it.


Main Courses


Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is a classic dish where Indian cottage cheese (also known as Paneer) is cooked in spinach gravy. It is a rich and creamy dish that had its origin in Northern India. You will need spices such as garam masala, butter, ginger, Kasturi methi, butter, ginger, cinnamon, and others to prepare it.  You can get recipe here palak paneer recipe


Chicken Tandoori 


Who doesn’t love tender and succulent chicken melting in the mouth? On a chilled evening, it is paired best with a glass of beer. To make it, you need to marinate and grill the spices-infused chicken on a clay oven or tandoor. You can easily make it at your home or enjoy it at a top Indian restaurant in Colorado Springs and make your dining experience special.


Mutton Rogan Josh

If you are looking to prepare an enthusiastic meat curry, then mutton rogan josh is an excellent choice. To prepare this native Kashmiri non-vegetarian delicacy, you will need Kashmiri chili, tomato puree, cashew nut paste, ginger garlic paste, garam masala, cinnamon, cumin, and cardamom.


To make it, heat oil and add sliced onions and garam masala and sauté until the onions become golden brown. Next, add the mutton pieces and sauté them at a high heat flame for 5 minutes. Then add the rest of the ingredients and sauté it on medium heat.




Biryani is an aromatic delicacy and evergreen classic that has become popular worldwide. Although the dish is quite complex, you can easily make it at your home for a meal. At first, you need to boil the rice until it is ready. After that drain the water to dry it and then add meat, potatoes, dry fruits, and fried onions in layers.


Side Dishes



Roti is a quintessential part of every Indian meal. The flatbread is similar to tortillas and thinner than naan because the dough does not contain any yeast.



Naan is a popular bread that is used as a side dish. Also known as Indian Leavened Flatbread, it is soft and fluffy and brushed with oil and herbs. To prepare it, you will need flour and yeast. At first, you need to make a dough and smack it against the chimney wall of a clay oven and bake above wooden fires.





It’s befitting to end a meal with something sweet. Including kulfi as a dessert will cool things down. For making kulfi, heat milk in a wide pan on a low flame for about 20 minutes. Then crumble or grate the khoya. Then crush the cardamom pods in a mortar until it turns into a fine powder. Then dissolve the rice flour in 3tsp milk.




Rabri is a royal dessert that has become an integral part of an Indian meal. In fact, everyone having a sweet tooth will simply love it. Rather than ordering it from a confectionary store, you can make it right at your home by boiling the milk on a low flame until it turns pale yellow and becomes dense in texture. Then add sugar, spices, almonds and other ingredients to make it richer and flavor. Remember it tastes delectable when served chilled.

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