Types of Kebab: 7 Delicacies that Every Foodie Must Try

Every food connoisseur relishes a meal comprising of fish or meat. When cooked on a wooden skewer and open flame or grilled on the charcoal fire, they taste even better. Yes, we are raving about kebabs.

Whether it is made of chicken, mutton, beef, paneer, or veggies, kebabs are highly savored and sought-after throughout the world. The penchant for kebabs has transcended beyond Middle Eastern cuisine and has become a global delicacy.

Let’s take a look at the list of different types of kebab and find out more about them in details!!!


Types of Kebabs


Seekh Kebab

Lasuni Seekh Kebab


One of the famous kebabs that are relished all over the world is Sheekh kebab. Mainly considered as appetizer or snack, it originated in the Indian subcontinent.

It is prepared with Indian spices mixed with minced meat. Later it is grilled on skewers. The use of a variety of spices lends it a rich taste and aroma.


Reshmi Kebab

Reshmi Kebab

The traditional Mughlai appetizer is succulent, juicy, silky-textured and delectable. Also known as malai kebab, it is usually made of large chunks of chicken that are marinated with yogurt, fresh cream, ground cashews, and almonds.

The chicken pieces are then placed on the skewers and grilled for 15 minutes on a preheated oven at 240 degree C. For relishing authentic chicken reshmi kebab, drop in to a top Colorado Springs fine dining restaurant. 

Galouti Kebab

Galouti Kebab

Savor it as an appetizer or snack, galouti kebab will surely add zing to any event or party. The regal treat is made of finely minced mutton and green papaya that are marinated in finely ground spices. The minced mutton is then mixed in a batter of gram flour, egg, and green chilies and then fried in oil.  The use of exotic spices and pure ghee lends it a marvelous taste and aroma.

Galouti kebab is an integral part of Awadhi cuisine and is made in the Nawabi style. It was served for the first time to the Nawab of Lucknow who due to his weak teeth wanted to relish a kebab that is soft and melts into his mouth.  


Shish Kebab

Shish Kebab is a popular preparation in Middle Eastern and Awadhi cuisine. The exotic appetizer is made of cubes of lamb marinated with lemon juice, bell peppers, olive oil, cumin, black pepper, and ginger. To prepare it, preheat the grill and cook the lamb pieces on a skewer over a tandoor oven. 


Tunday Kebab

Tunday kebab is a lip-smacking dish that is mainly used as a starter or appetizer. Generally, buffalo meat and 160 different kinds of spices are used to prepare it.

The delicacy makes use of plain yogurt, garam masala, grated ginger, crushed garlic, garam masala, cloves, cardamom, small onions, melted ghee, dried mint, vinegar, sugar and lime to mention a few. 

Shami Kebab

shami Kebab

Shami kebab had its origin in the royal kitchens of the Mughals. Besides the Indian subcontinent, it is also popular in neighboring countries like Pakistan.

It is made of finely minced mutton and other ingredients such as green chili, red chili, black peppercorns, cumin seeds, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, and black peppercorn. If you’re planning a special event or gathering in Denver, consider the exquisite catering services by Urban Tandoor, known for their expertise in serving delectable kebabs and more.

Hariyali Kebab

The famous starter is made with boneless chicken cubes or chunks infused in an aromatic green paste of coriander, mint, and other exotic spices. If you are a vegan you can use paneer instead of chicken and get it customized.

To prepare it, mix chicken cubes with lemon juice, salt, and chili powder. Grind all the spices including garlic, ginger, mint, cilantro and green chilies.

Then add the green paste into a mixture containing yogurt, garam masala, and coriander powder. Marinate the chicken with the green paste. Preheat oven and place oil on the skewers. Put the marinated chicken cubes on the skewer. To enjoy delicious hariyali kebab, step into the best Colorado Springs fine dining restaurant.


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