8 Delectable Lowest Calorie Indian Food

When we think about Indian food, something very oily, spicy and creamy comes to our mind. Indian cuisine uses ghee, oil, butter, spices, cream, and cheese in large quantities which contributes to obesity and a host of health problems in many people.

People all over the world generally associate Indian food with high calories, but often they forget there are many dishes which contain fewer amounts of calories to equal weight loss.

Achieving fitness is all about combining exercise and nutrition into the lifestyle. Here are some Indian foods that are both delectable as well as healthy.

Chicken Curry

chicken curry


Chicken curry is a popular spicy dish that everybody loves to prepare in their kitchen. The delicacy is even served at an Indian restaurant in Colorado Springs. To prepare it at home, you need chopped boneless and skinless chicken breast pieces, garlic, onions, cloves, butter, grind coriander, dried mint. If you are a fitness freak, then you can prepare a healthy version of the dish by using fewer amounts of spices and oil and gorge on it.

Palak Paneer

palak paneer

If you want to enjoy the goodness of iron-rich spinach and dairy product such as paneer in a single dish, then Palak paneer is a good option. Spinach is used in the form of paste for this recipe. For weight watchers, it is healthy and mouthwatering that can be eaten as a side dish with white rice.

Shrimp in Coconut Milk

Sprimp in coconut milk

It is a traditional and heartwarming recipe. The main ingredients of the recipe include shrimp, coconut milk, lime juice, onion, garlic clove, green chili, coriander, and salt. It tastes sweet and savory and you can get a healthy customized version of the recipe with less oil and spices at the best restaurant in Colorado Springs.

Sprout Salad

Sprout Salad

Containing only 95 calories, sprout salad is nourishing and delicious. You should not skip it if you are looking for a low-calorie Indian recipe. Rich in proteins, fiber, and antioxidants filling your plate with sprout salad is easy. You need tomatoes, fenugreek leaves, radish, nuts, beans, grains, and coriander that are easily available at grocery stores. Other ingredients required are onions, tomatoes, potatoes, cilantro leaves, aromatic spices, cucumber, and lemon juice. You can try this dish at home or eat it in a posh Indian restaurant in Colorado Springs.

Fish Tikka Masala

Fish Curry

One of the healthiest ways to eat fish is preparing fish tikka masala. You can use a large and fresh fish like that of Salmon. Cooked in an oven, the recipe tastes smoky and has a distinctive grilled flavor. The best thing about the dish is that it requires less oil and ingredients.

Cucumber Raita

cucumber raita

Cucumber is known for its hydrating and cooling properties and contains fewer amounts of calories. It is a rich source of fiber, water, and nutrients that triggers weight-loss naturally. For making cucumber raita at home, you need yogurt, mild spices, veggies, and fruits of your choice. It is mainly a side dish and people who give fitness their topmost priority, simply love it.

Oats Idli

Oats idli

Oats Idli is puffy and made from a fermented batter. It is low in calories and packed with proteins and fiber. If you try oats idli at a famous Colorado Springs fine dining restaurant, you can have an amazing dining experience. It will serve the dish by combining health and taste together.



Dholka is a global rage and the one that is made in a microwave is low in calories. It is the perfect weight-loss snack that you can easily prepare at home by using gram flour, semolina, curd, curry leaves, and green chili. The dish has become popular in Indian Cuisines Colorado Springs where both the Indian and American populace wants to get a taste of it.

Fitness begins with developing healthy eating habits and focusing on the diet. Try these superb low-calorie Indian foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and get back into your shape.